Not everyone working in financial services is a finance major

Melissa attended the Sophomore Springboard program and found her fit

For me, the Barclays’ Sophomore Springboard program was not just an incredible weekend, but also the moment that changed everything. As a Political Science and History double major, I’ve always had an interest in finance, but felt at a disadvantage because of my lack of academic exposure. Throughout the program, I spoke to many Barclays’ employees from every background imaginable, and learned how I could apply my unique background to success in this industry – which was invaluable.

The training with Pillars of Wall Street and the Stockfuse simulation were unbelievably effective in helping me better understand the different aspects and components of finance and preparing me for my internship. The Stockfuse simulation proved to be one of the most helpful resources, as it helped me become more accustomed to the dynamics of envisioning and executing trades. The techniques I gained through the use of Stockfuse prepared me for my upcoming interviews.  I also contacted my trading group from the Sophomore Springboard program and ran pitches by them to get feedback and extra practice.

Beyond technical skills, Sophomore Springboard really helped me narrow my focus in this industry. I was torn between joining a Sales and Trading team or one of the Banking divisions. However, the conversations I had with the Analysts, Associates, and Managing Directors really helped me understand the different roles and responsibilities throughout the bank and eventually find my fit. I networked with so many incredible people – both peers and Barclays’ employees – and I’ve kept these connections over the past year. Each conversation really showed me how passionate everyone at Barclays is about the work they do and the people they work with. The Sophomore Springboard program not only solidified my interest in finance, but also showed how perfect a fit Barclays is for me. I can’t wait to return as a summer analyst this year.