Navigating the world of work: The Emerge Employee Network

Joining our employee network for those just starting their careers is something to look forward to.

Picture this: you have made it through university, clocked more internships than you can count, spent the summer in interviews and have landed your FIRST job. Now the day has come, your first day at work. You walk through the revolving door of the lobby toward the elevator, straighten your suit, take a deep breath. Time to seize the day, right? But how? You don’t really know anyone or how anything works.

Enter Emerge. Emerge is one of Barclays’ internal employee networks, bringing together colleagues early in their careers at Barclays or who are new to financial services. It is a platform for like minded people to team up and navigate their early careers together. The network is similar to an extracurricular at school, something to do “off the desk” to complement your day job. Emerge offers a great deal of opportunities for its members – to develop their professional and leadership skills, accelerate their careers and connect and build bridges within Barclays not only with peers, but also across generations, businesses and functions. Our members are also change agents, proactively investing in understanding the millennial workforce to help Barclays retain its young talent.

 “We work in a multigenerational workforce and the truth is, each of these generations of employees is different – the way we think, express ourselves and the way we work with others. Emerge is making great strides in understanding these differences and bridging the gap. I take pride in being a part of a network of people that is proactively investing in our early careers workforce and ensuring that they are having the best possible experience at this firm,” says Jacqueline Slatky, Co-Chair of Emerge Amercias.

“Emerge has opened many doors – it has allowed me to connect with people across the organization, both peers and senior leaders from various businesses and functions; it has provided the opportunity to build leadership capabilities outside of my day job. It is no secret that all work and no play just cannot work. We can’t succeed unless we are having fun in what we are doing. This is what I enjoy most about Emerge – IT IS FUN! A great way to not only get involved, but to step away from the desk, network and attend cool events!” 


Whether it is getting together for a viewing party on the first night of March madness college basketball or attending an executive panel and networking event, Emerge has much to offer its members. The Emerge team looks forward to having you join Barclays and welcomes you to join the network when you arrive!