Make yourself pitch perfect

Have an interview or networking event coming up? Learn how to talk about yourself more confidently.

Think you might want to intern with us? Then knowing how to succinctly sum up your achievements, skills and goals at an interview or networking event is vital. This is known as your personal pitch. And having one that’s thoughtful and well-prepared is a great confidence booster. You know why you are the right fit for the company and role you want – use your pitch to convince others!

Here are our top five tips to help you get the right information across in the most convincing way:

  1. Take a high-level overview of your accomplishments at work, college or in your personal life. Don’t just focus on what you’ve done. Work out what you learned in the process, what skills you displayed and how you added value. Pick three accomplishments you think best show how you match our criteria and concentrate on those.
  2. Explain how you’ve shown an interest in our business. Demonstrate your knowledge of current transactions, deals, assets and terminology specific to the industry. One of our interns even prepared a stock pitch, and although no one asked him for it, it helped because it boosted his understanding of the market and a specific sector within it. Even if no one asks you for details like this, you can still weave your knowledge into the conversation.
  3. Pinpoint examples of when you’ve shown traditional or non-traditional leadership, whether it’s in your academic work, extra-curricular activities, roles you’ve played or in a job you’ve been doing.
  4. Show us what makes you unique and why. Focus on what you bring to the table and how you want to be remembered.
  5. Practice! Whether it’s in front of your friends or in front of the mirror, the more time you spend delivering your pitch aloud, the more natural it will seem when you do it for real. Plus, a friend, family member or Career Services professional can help point out any odd phrases or remind you of accomplishments you may have left out.

Do all that and you’ll make a great impression on interviewers , campus recruiters and potential colleagues alike.