Your Internship Roadmap

Explore your internship with Barclays week by week.

Your Internship Roadmap

Your internship roadmap

Week 1 - Training and orientation

Learn about our business, culture and values. Start building the skills you’ll need to succeed. Familiarize yourself with your new workspace.

Week 2 - Meet your team

Get to know your team, manager and work environment. Understand short- and long-term team objectives. Dive in to work.

Week 2 - Welcome event

Hosted by one of our senior leaders, this event helps you start building relationships across the firm.

Week 3 - Build your network

Socialize with your new colleagues at a fun, informal event.

From day one, look at every conversation as an opportunity to learn, grow and expand your network of Barclays professionals.

Week 3 - Mentorship

Connect with your junior and senior mentors at events and meetings.

Week 4 - Make your mark

Immerse yourself in your work. Continue to learn about your clients and projects. Build essential professional and personal skills.

Weeks 5 - 6 - Performance review

Formal review ensuring we’re on the right track and you are too. Common performance objectives:

  • Attention to detail.
  • Time management andproject management.
  • Initiative and resourcefulness.

Weeks 5 - 6 - Be resourceful

Learn and grow by taking advantage of the many resources Barclays provides during your internship.

Week 7 - Accelerate your performance

Incorporate performance feedback. Attend events tailored to you. Bond with your colleagues at networking events.

Weeks 8 - 9 - Bring your "A" game

Operate at an advanced level. Showcase a commitment to learning and growing. Build your reputation as a proactive contributor.

Weeks 8 - 9 - Contribute to society

Give back to the local community through one of our citizenship volunteer programs.

Week 10 - Build momentum

Have your final performance review. Wrap up your projects. Exchange contact details. Hopefully receive a full-time offer.