From theory to practice

There’s a lot more to investment banks than you might realize. Here, Yashas, a member of Barclays Part-Time Developer Program, shares his experience learning from the Markets Technology team as he completes his studies.

Yashas is a full-time student who supports Barclays’ Technology division from his dorm room. In his role, Yashas helps with various financial execution services supporting the Electronic Trading team, including low latency exchange connectivity. One of his current projects, he explains, involves assisting in the development of a "visual statistical analysis of the performance data of Barclays' direct market access products and services." As a nascent data scientist and software developer working on the project, he writes code in Python.

Yashas's Barclays team works with his school schedule, allowing him to log work and hours when it's convenient for him. "My day-to-day schedule is constantly fluid," he explains, "and I aim to fit about 2 to 3 hours of [Barclays] work every day, treating it as if I was blocking out time for a class or studying. I put in the time whenever it's most convenient, whether that's during the day or at night."

No matter the time, Yashas gets a lot done when he's able to think about how the theories from his classes can be applied to his work for Barclays. "One of the biggest challenges I encountered while working on this project was software design," he says. "When tasked with the project, I was given specifics regarding the functionality, but given wide latitude on the design of the code. In particular, one of the most challenging decisions I had to make was about how to structure the data to best be able to parse and analyze it. While I have been exposed to many design paradigms and theories during my education, I learned a lot more about good design principles and why they are good practices when implementing these software designs myself." The opportunity to apply the theories and principles he's learning about in school is definitely one of the internship's core benefits, he says.

The ability to sort out challenges independently is also valuable, but Yashas doesn't feel like he's tackling big picture problems on his own. "The other developers on my team are great with providing support and being open to any questions I may have, from specific programming techniques to general life advice," he says, adding that the team is "very patient and understanding of my standing as a full-time student."

As he looks toward graduation and beyond, Yashas says Barclays' part-time developer program has played an important role in his growth, while at the same time preparing him for future prospects. "The part-time developer program has complemented my college education and has been invaluable in my growth as a software developer," he says. And those future prospects will begin right here at Barclays: Yashas has just been offered a summer internship with the bank, that to his experience and performance in the part-time developer program.

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