Dress to impress

Tips from Barclays' Analysts on how to dress for your internship.

Preparing for your summer internship also means preparing your new work wardrobe. Here is some advice on how to dress for the job so you can focus your energy on your work and not your outfit.

First know that every desk has its own personality, its own set of rules and its own style. That being said, companies in financial services, including Barclays, generally follow a business professional dress code.

What does that mean?



  • Guys: suit and dress shoes
  • Gals: pencil skirts, conservative dresses, tailored pants and blouses, heels or nice flats (Think back to the high school skirts past the fingers rule)



These are the basics and can be adapted to any work situation. For a client event, guys make sure you grab your jacket and tie, and maybe lose the polka dot socks that day. Gals, throw on a blazer and some heels, make sure your makeup is neutral and maybe add some polish with accessories.

If it is going to be a long day at the desk, it is generally acceptable to hang your jacket on the back of your chair, or switch from heels to flats. Some departments allow business casual on Fridays, while others allow business casual always. Whether it is casual Friday or happy hour with your coworkers, keep in mind that it is a corporate office, so keep it professional.


Always remember: when in doubt, dress your best…and to impress.