The dos and don'ts of navigating multiple offers

Multiple offers?! Good for you! Now what? Here's how to handle it.

It’s nearly the end of interview season and you may suddenly find yourself in the enviable position of receiving multiple job offers. This can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand you’ll feel like the king of the world, completely validated as a sought-after future superstar. On the other hand you may find yourself on the verge of an anxiety attack as you try to pick between them.  

Lucky for you, we have quite a bit of experience helping people navigate this decision. Here are our collective dos and don’ts when it comes to navigating multiple offers, which we hope will help you avoid the anxiety attack!

  • Do consider the potential support of the network you built during recruiting. Who did you meet? Are you leaning towards a firm based on one person you met, or based on relationships with a variety of people? Think about what impact you might feel if your one connection left the company.
  • Do think about where you can be most “you”. You are going to spend a lot of time at work so it is very important to be in an environment where you are comfortable being yourself. If you felt like you needed to hide your true self during recruiting, it’s likely you’ll continue to feel that way as an employee. And that will get old quickly.
  • Do recall which company showed the most genuine enthusiasm for having you join. By the third event, were there people you were genuinely happy to see and who were happy to see you? Were there people who called or emailed out of the blue to check in on you? Bear in mind that those people who put in the time to recruit you will be the same people who invest in keeping you at the company and contributing to your overall development.
  • Do ask if you can arrange an office visit. If you feel like it will help you decide if you spend more time with a team that interests you, that’s understandable. Many recruiting teams are more than happy to help set up a visit for you, knowing there is no better way to pick up on environment and culture than experiencing it firsthand!
  • Do chat with past summer interns about their experiences. If you look around on campus, the chances are good that you’ll find someone who worked for the company you’re considering last year. If you can’t identify a former intern yourself, then ask the recruiter to put you in touch with one. Former interns can be one of your best resources, as their experience is fresh.
  • Don’t delay your decision too long. Yes, it is an important decision, but it isn’t a life or death one. Avoid the temptation to over think it. It may help to remember that there are likely other students “on hold” who would be excited about the spot you are holding onto as you decide. Your prompt decision ensures they aren’t in limbo longer than they have to be.
  • Don’t base your decision primarily off of industry rankings. Rankings are continually shifting, so today’s #2 could be tomorrow’s #5, or vice versa. We’re not saying ignore them entirely, but rather weigh up a wide variety of factors that will help you make the right decision for you.
  • Don’t say things you don’t mean. For example, if you tell every bank they are your number one choice of employer – even if they’re not – they’ll expect you to accept the offer once made. And when you don’t, they’ll be upset, disappointed and frustrated with you for misleading them. Instead, be honest and transparent. You may still disappoint some people, but at least you’ll do it without damaging your reputation.

Good luck making your decision! If a Barclays offer is among those you’re deciding between, you might want to check out our internship roadmap, this video about what the culture is like here or this video about all the support you’ll get as a summer intern.