Decide where your future lies

Decide where your future lies

Decide where your future lies

Professionals in Sales and Trading work closely together. They sit with each other. They share information constantly. And they’re always pooling ideas on possible trades. But their roles are quite different. Here’s how:

Distinct priorities

In Sales, the focus is on clients. That means organizations with a lot of capital to invest, like pension funds, insurance companies, hedge funds and central banks. Salespeople match our products and services to clients’ needs.

In Trading, the focus is on making markets and managing risk to benefit both Barclays and our clients. Traders build deep expertise in specific products and the risks that go with them, then propose and execute trades for their clients.

Varied skills

Salespeople excel at:

  • building relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  • adding value by anticipating client needs.
  • scrutinizing and making sense of information.
  • communicating clearly.
  • being proactive and thorough.

Traders excel at:

  • analyzing and calculating quantitative data.
  • making quick, educated decisions based on market movements.
  • keeping cool under pressure.
  • quickly processing information.
  • multi-tasking.

All in a day’s work

Catch up on overnight market news.

Salespeople write market commentary to bring clients up to speed on developments. Analyze new market information as it emerges and update clients. Take client calls and answer their questions. Read the latest research or formulate trade ideas to pitch to clients.

Traders meet colleagues toreview positions and risks. Call clients to share views on the market and potential trade ideas. Manage risks, price trades, follow the market and news looking for new trade ideas. Review positions after market close.

Around the clock

Salespeople are often out entertaining clients after the markets close – maybe at a group fitness class, in a restaurant or at a sporting event.

Traders are involved in some client entertainment, but are also likely to be following news and email after hours to see what’s happening in the global markets or messaging colleagues overseas.

Steps to success

Take your next step

Salespeople sit next to senior colleagues and get hands-on experience right away. Soak up market, research and product information. Support experienced salespeople with client requests.Deal with clients directly and build a client portfolio. Deepen client relationships through proactive and differentiated support.

Traders start out in a support role learning about the products, processes and pricing. Shadow a senior trader, learning by doing. Carry out trades under a senior trader’s direction. Take responsibility for small trades. Step up to larger live trades with profit and loss responsibility.

Work closely with clients, other traders and salespeople, research analysts and executives at every stage.