A day in the life

See what might be part of your day as an Analyst or Associate in Banking, Sales, Trading or Quantitative Analytics.

You’ve probably had a conversation like this before.

Scene: A loud, bustling career event. You are waiting in line to speak with a company representative and it is finally your turn. You approach the representative behind the table and extend your hand to shake theirs.

You: “Hi. I’m interested in what you do. Can you tell me about a typical day at work for you?”

Company representative: “There’s no such thing as a typical day.”

End scene.


Super helpful, we know. And while it is true that many jobs look different day-to-day, there are some tasks and activities that are likely to recur at least somewhat regularly. To help build your understanding of what it’s like to work at Barclays in Banking, Sales, Trading and Quantitative Analytics roles, here’s a short video showing not only some key tasks for each role, but also a bit about how people in these roles work together.